Ashwathh Partners is a consulting firm that deals with investigating white-collar crime, fraud prevention check-up and identifying vulnerabilities and addressing the same, so you won’t have to worry about your company’s safety. It’s in our mindset, our philosophy and our values. Ashwathh works with you to overcome any challenges in your path, with a reliable and honest approach when it comes to the fight against economic crime.

We're an experienced team of accountants, financial analysts, technology experts, compliance professionals, fraud examiners and legal experts who are here to go through financial data and underlying records, electronic data, analyze contracts and interview people, all to get to the bottom of truth. We assist you in dealing with threats to your brand in a timely manner so you can focus on what matters to you: “Your Success”.


Our journey started with an idea to help businesses identify & manage frauds & allied risks. We endeavor to make the business world safer and less corrupt by reducing business fraud and inspiring business confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession of Fraud Management.


The world is a corrupt and unsafe place. The business world is no exception. That’s why we want to be a pillar of integrity that will serve as an example of righteousness and healthy sustainable entrepreneurial progress, where all laws are followed, and all corruption and injustice abolished..


Our goal is to give you the assistance you need when it comes to all your financial law issues that your business activity in India might encounter in its path. Let’s fight financial crime together and put you back on track toward success.

Our Values


There’s nothing more important than having an wide array of insight and knowledge in the financial crime, so we can have the information and all its power on our side.


We seek and work to obtain fairness for all the parties involved at all costs, no matter the circumstance or the legal predicament.


Trust builds bonds and drives the world to progress, so its important to function on mutual reliance when we’re fighting together for your cause.

Why Us?


Our professional team has strong capability to source intelligence information and prides itself to deliver excellence.


Our process involves continuous collaboration between the team and the client, where we listen and adapt to your situation.

Diversified Experience

Our team combines its members' experience from different backgrounds, coming from a vast and diverse expertise in various fields.

Legal Synergy

Ashwathh Partners builds on its synergy with Ashwathh Legal's extensive expertise in the legal domain.

Our Services

Fraud Investigations

Our team at Ashwathh has experience in a variety of industries related to employee fraud, financial fraud, corruption, intellectual property infringement, and other corporate crimes.

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Forensic Technology

Our experts have extensive experience in complex cases and investigations, understand the vulnerability of company data processed during an investigation, and have a proven ability to determine who, when and how.

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Fraud Risk Assessment

Ashwathh helps clients proactively to understand the risk of fraud, where it can occur, and to implement strategies to combat it.

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Due Diligence

Encompassing all types of due-diligence including Vendor, Integrity, Senior Management as well as Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption due diligence.

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Whistle Blower Hotline

With our in-depth experience and telephone/hotline methods, we are able to advise clients on successful implementation and continuous profiling of hotlines services.

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Asset Tracing

Asset tracing is a unique technique that helps clients identify and locate hidden assets.

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Mystery Shopping

We can carry out a confidential mystery shopping exercise which can provide our clients great insights regarding customer reviews about their products and services.

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Specialised Trainings

We provide training on a wide range of subjects in the field of forensics and can tailor our curriculum to your industry, geography and organizational needs.

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Litigation Support

Ashwathh Partners builds on its synergy with Ashwathh Legal’s extensive expertise in the legal domain.

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